Dear White America

Dear White America,

Stop trying to silence the struggle of a minority. You CANNOT relate if you are not a minority. The narrative in the United States has always had a light undertone of white supremacy. Read that sentence again: understand it, accept it, and then use your awareness to amend the narrative. We the people of the United States, know this country was BUILT on the backs of the native men and women who owned this land before it was taken. We know this country was built on the backs of the enslaved African men and women who were shipped to this country. We know this country was not built for us.

Yet we are here and we are tired of asking for equality.  

Stop gentrifying our neighborhoods. The taqueria on the south side does have the best tacos in all of the city. Buy one and go home. Learn to make your own, we did.

Stop killing our men in cold blood and then arguing that they kill each other more often as justification. 

Stop slipping drugs into our neighborhoods then calling it an epidemic when those same drugs reach your neighborhoods.

Stop incarcerating men of color at higher rates than any other group for the same crimes, with longer sentencing.

Stop depicting us as slaves, the token black person, or the kid getting out of the ghetto in all major films or TV shows.

Stop taking our hairstyles, our clothes, our identities. You are wrapping your hair around a straw and burning it with a hair straightener to simulate a curl that naturally grows out of my head.

Are you scared? Scared your “race” will vanish. Scared that our knowledge of self is a seed. Scared that we are more powerful beyond measure?

Shaming us for who we are then trying to be us only reminds us how important, innovative, productive we are.

EVERY TIME we try to have anything, you take it from us and swat us back like flies. White people, you cannot have everything. You cannot be us.

This is me, a brown girl, TELLING you to stop belittling me so that you can feel powerful. It’s an insult that most of you do it in pure oblivion. Sheep.

I do not speak for all women of color, nor do I have a voice that can encompass all black people, especially not all minorities. Yet I am firm when I say that man is not my president. As a daughter of immigrants, I stand with all who are or may have been detained.

Please stop trying to “Make America Great Again.” There was always still work to be done.


A fed up woman of color

Tonja ThompsonComment