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So, if you follow me on snap chat (inserts a shameless plug, follow me: @Tonjj_211) you’d know I was in Mexico for the presidential election. Of course, Cabo was beautiful with its pristine blue beaches; exquisite mountains; and extraordinary five-star resorts. But little did I know I was amongst trump supporters…………………………………………………. Let me preface this by saying, I didn’t necessarily want Hillary either but we all know trump wasn’t the answer. He incited so much fear for people of color on his campaign trail! 


Let me come back to all of this because first I got to tell y’all about the wild Monday night we had in Cabo San Lucas- the back story to the main story if you will. The drinks were flowing and my friend brought her makeshift sugar daddy, who treated all the ladies to dinner (Thanks again!). The bar scene was lit lit for a weekday! We walked into a full-blown music video shoot (some local artist, I assume).



Mom, Dad if you’re reading this, I promise I'm a good kid!........... When I tell you there are drug dealers everywhere in Mexico, I’m not exaggerating. And they were not just petty marijuana dealers. WHO KNEW THIS COUNTRY WAS SO UNREGULATED?! (Unless you watch Narcos cause then you might get it). Street corners, beaches, hotels… you name it, seriously say it out loud and I’m sure someone will supply it.

While partaking isn’t my cup of tea, it got me thinking how crazy Mexico had been since we arrived. We got conned into a resort tour upon arrival at the airport—they had me at free breakfast—and then taken advantage of as far as what we were getting for our money. $40 bucks for a cab but $3 for the bus, come onnnn?! Needless to say, this trip was interesting and crazy and SO memorable. Just remember everyone in Mexico is working their hustle- especially in the touristy resort areas. So, if you’re heading down for your own vacation: Be wise and alert. ALWAYS come with receipts because they will try you with every sale.

Now back to Trump, we all remember his “Mexicans are criminals” propaganda. After being in the country for 48 hours, I started to wonder if he was right. On the last evening, I sat in the hotel restaurant—in fear—as his numbers skyrocketed above Hillary’s.  Of course, part of my fear was irrational. I was nervous I might not be let back into the USA the following day if Trump won (probably the gin clouding my logic)…. Anywho, we sat down for dinner and the sugar daddy rambled on about his failed relationships, but as we shifted to the hot tub the topic of discussion also shifted. To the forbidden subject of POLITICS. [It was this moment I realized this trip was great but not worth the messy ordeals I’d encountered—another story for another day though]. We talked about tax cuts, the federal reserve, immigration and of course Obama Care.

In hindsight of my trip, I began to realize I felt the appeal of trumps campaign while I was in Mexico. I don’t support that man or most conservative agendas in any way, shape, or form but the discomfort I felt in Mexico made it easier for his obnoxiously racist propaganda to appeal to me [Trust me I feel guilty for even admitting this]. Not everyone in the country of Mexico is a criminal, of course, we know that but the fear of what we do not have knowledge of scares us. That is what Donald Trump fed on during the entire election! 

  •     The fear of losing ourselves because another force may come in and take “our” jobs, “our” security, “our” peace of mind
  •   The fear of not being good enough to meet the standards of our loved ones, our mentors, our peers
  •      The fear of not knowing what comes next in our future

These are not only the platforms Trump used to gain supporters but also things that make us act or think in ways that might normally be out of character. I say all of this to remind us that in the same way we create that fear for ourselves, we have the power within ourselves to acknowledge and overcome those fears. Now, of course, I’m nervous about the direction this country will go in, but I am CERTAIN it will not get any better if we continue to react to the election results in fear. Consider what your fears are and channel that energy into something productive. Rather than protesting Donald Trump, rather than busting out shop windows, rather than looting our own communities I encourage you to research the electoral college….. I encourage you to reach into your communities and be a mentor for the misguided youth…. I encourage you to empower the people that look like you in your immediate communities so that we can do better for ourselves and for the country we live in. We can make America great but it starts with us!

Thanks for reading my little caterpillars! Come back soon and of course, comments are ALWAYS welcome :)




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