INDECISION is a Woman's Middle Name

Men on twitter are like girls in real life. They complain, *cough* I mean voice their opinions, about women like word vomit. I’m kidding guys, we love when you tells us how you really feel on twitter! Especially when it’s putting us on game. In fact, that’s what this post is about! Me putting you on a little game…The most common thing I’ve heard from men lately is that women are indecisive. Women say one thing but then expect or do the opposite. In fact, I hear men mention “You don’t know what you want” more often than not. So, it got me thinking, “Are women actually indecisive?” Especially when it comes to the opposite sex?

Well duh, women are indecisive, in fact it’s in our nature. But it is not necessarily a bad thing! I think the better question is WHY are women so indecisive? If you can understand that, perhaps you’ll be more patient and willing to switch up your flow the next time your girl is killing your vibe with her indecision.


I believe indecision has a lot to do with the stage of life most woman are in. We all know women are emotionally attached to their actions and choices, even the women who claim to be “detached” still tend to make decisions and change opinions along with their feelings. This doesn’t mean logic goes out the window, it just means women may take their time with making choices and therefore are also more deliberate about their decision-making process. Although she waivers, asks others for input, or spends an exuberant amount of time making a choice, it’ll likely result in a decision that is very well thought out and not irrational.

And that brings me to the first reason why women are indecisiveness:


AGE AGE AGE- please stop dealing with teenage or early 20s girls and wondering why they’re so indecisive. Young women at this tender age are still learning to love themselves, they’re setting career paths, all the while still learning what it means to adult in the real world. That’s not to say they don’t know what they want, however with all that may change in their life they’re not always ready or capable of making stable decisions. If you find yourself frustrated because her answers change as often as her hair styles… take a deep breath and remember she’s still defining what it means to make her own choices sans her parents advice. 

My Advice: Use this as a teachable moment! As I said, ladies love when men put us on game. Instead of getting frustrated, spend more time communicating with your young one. Its never a bad idea to remind her that IT’s OKAY TO BE INDECISIVE. Laugh it off and you pick the restaurant instead of getting annoyed 😉 chances are, she’s going to eat off your plate no matter where you go!


Nurture is her Nature-  WOMEN CARE TOO MUCH. They tend to spend so much time weighing every ounce of a situation. When they care for someone, it’s their natural instinct to want to take care of them. Therefore, her indecision could actually stem from wanting to include you in the final choice. No one cares if you didn’t ask for that! You’re the one that got her dick-matized. Emotional stimulation makes women feel like they have to make decisions for two rather than putting themselves first.

**Disclaimer: There are plenty of women out there who won’t agree or fit into this category. However, I just want to point out that succumbing to your natural instincts doesn’t make you weak ladies. It’s okay to include him in your choices when you’re in a HEALTHY relationship**

A Career or Happily Ever After?-  Women are the most free (in the 1st world) than they have ever been in history. The divorce rate is high and the dating pool looks grim to most. So instead of focusing on the husband, two children, and a white picket fence… focusing on a career has become a new normative. There are P L E N T Y of women out there who are happy and content with being “single” forever, that is until their mom, aunty, neighbor, and best friend’s mom remind them that their ovaries are shriveling up. The thought of being an old maid or crazy cat lady is still derogative. Women are literally battling themselves and societal norms, EVERY DAMN DAY. Give her a break if she flip flops a little. Soooo if this sounds like your lady, it’s not that she’s completely indecisive…She may not be ready to admit it to those around her. You just might have to settle with being more like Oprah and Steadman your whole life.


My advice: This is a personal question for you, are willing to be in the proverbial closet with your woman for the rest of your life? If not, you might have to make the choice for her. Chances are, for right now, she’ll choose career over you at the end of the day anyway…


WOMEN WANT MEN TO LEAD- it’s not a coincidence she seems so indecisive. She’s actually hinting to you that she wants you to be more in control of whatever she’s lacking answers in. Even though we act like we know it all, there’s so much we can’t or flat out don’t want to do. We aren’t really superheroes, well black women are pretty close, but even we need to sit back every once and a while. We are mf’n tired. Think about the age-old question: What do you want to eat? It is likely that she knows or honestly just doesn’t care so instead she would rather you have the choice of what you want to eat. Perhaps you always let her pick and instead she wants you to feel equally valued in the decision-making process. Women aren’t randomly crazy AND indecisive, rather overly considerate and nurturing when it comes to a significant other.

My advice: surprise her more often and take the lead, I bet if she sees you taking initiative she’ll *gasp* follow your lead 😉


I hope this gives a little insight into why women are so indecisive. This list is definitely not comprehensive, I could go on all day because we are such intricate and superior creatures…..but I know your attention span starts wavering after 1000 words! Happy Tuesday my caterpillars.


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