YES is the New Black

Traveling was something I was never too interested in doing- it sounds so silly, trust me I KNOW! I can remember telling my bestfriend (who is travel obsessed) that I really had no desire to go very far. I was more interested in finding peace right here in the good Ol’ U.S.A.

It wasn’t until I took a job where travel was literally the only requirement in the description, that I realized my peace was in traveling; in learning about new cultures; in seeing what new cities have to offer. Fast-forward one week into living in San Francisco- my roommate invites me on an adventure to a Nor Cal beach that I probably won’t ever forget:

I just finished reading Shonda Rhimes new book “Year of Yes” courtesy of said best friend. It inspired me to be more “go with the flow.” Not that I have any issues with saying yes, more like I’m a detail oriented freak who wants to have a plan every step of the way. So instead of staying in South San Francisco that day, I opted to hop in a Lyft with Karla and meet Kelly and Dan for a beach day. It was a sunny 71 degrees in SF—per usual. We met in a shopping center, walked 9854759 miles to the train station (basically a mile LOL), and took a CalTrain to a SamsTrain…. Needless to say, halfway through this journey I asked everyone why didn’t I just drive the 45 mins rather than endure the never-ending hour journey via public transit.

But then, as we passed the glittering waters of Crystal Springs Reservoir and traveled through the steep hills of route 92.... It made the distance worth it. You see, I’m learning to appreciate the beauty in the little things—they truly aren’t so little after all. This trip wasn’t perfect by any means, the water was ice cold and the weather was SUPER San Francisco-y with dense fog. At one point, we couldn’t see ahead of us more than a few feet! But that didn’t stop us from kicking off our shoes and playing our version of a volleyball game minus the net ( because who is that prepared? Having the beach ball was already a feat)…


The point is: life is about taking risks and fully immersing yourself in whatever comes of it. I would have never gotten out of Omaha, Nebraska if I wasn’t willing to just say YES to a new adventure. I wouldn’t have started this new journey as a flight attendant if I didn’t say YES to scary opportunities! So this is for you, to motivate you! If you’re scared to quit your job and move across the country… THEN JUST DO IT. Stop waiting for “the right time” or to get your finances in order. THOSE ARE EXCUSES. Rip yourself out of your comfort zone and make the next move for you. Do it for you, to be a better you!


Thanks for reading my little caterpillars! Check back soon and of course comments are ALWAYS welcome :)

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