Social media is a trap. I mean that figuratively and literally! It’s turning our brains to mush!!! Consider how different we function compared to generations before us. We have SO MUCH knowledge at our fingertips but instead, we sit on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook for 4+ hours a day. That number seems so alarming but if you consider the 15 mins you spend on social media in the morning, when you’re bored at work, on a lunch break, etc… those times add up very quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the simplicity of the internet and all the access social media brings! Gone are the days where encyclopedias are the only way to write research papers, not to mention finding just about anyone or anything you need is at the press of a button! But on the other hand, we are desensitizing ourselves. We are creating unnecessary anxieties in our lives and the worst of them all is that we are constantly comparing ourselves or emulating false perceptions.  

-Self confidence

We are practically living in an alternate reality. I watched a youtube-r CRY on her channel this week as she took off her makeup and did a “power of makeup” video. No judgment to her, in fact, kudos to her for revealing and owning her insecurities. However, it got me questioning why we look to others for validation so much. Of course, every generation before us likely worried about how their peers viewed them but never has a generation desired validation for accomplishing so little. A large majority want to be instafamous or go viral yet don’t even have enough confidence to love themselves as they are. We are losing our sense of self with every like, retweet, and artificial interaction.

-perception v. reality

What people put out on social media is very likely not their everyday reality. Even some of your favorite Instagram models and bloggers, hell even celebrities live lives that are not as glamorous as their social media personas. Looking at my Instagram, for example, it looks like I travel the world and am constantly living in a bikini on a vacation. My reality is safety demonstrations on an airplane, medical emergencies, and 13 hour layovers in South Dakota. Most days, I don’t ever leave my hotel room cause I’m so exhausted!

-L A Z Y

The worst part about it… I feel that people have adopted such lazy mindsets nowadays. I’m not negating anyone’s “grind.” It just seems like everyone wants to find the easiest route to make money, be known, even to communicate with each other, etc. Just last week someone texted me and asked if they could call me. That isn’t the first time that’s happened either! Isn’t that odd? Why not just call first, if I wasn’t available then I wouldn’t answer…………right? I seriously blame social media for our poor social skills and low achievement levels.

Social Media Cleanse.jpg

LEARN TO UNPLUG PEOPLE. Social media is changing us and from where I’m sitting I can’t say it’s a good change. Personally, when I’m not present on social media it’s because I’m mf’n tired and need a break from all the false realities. Look I get it, I’m a twitter addict. I can spend days on there laughing at the foolishness and interacting with complete strangers. Not to mention as a blogger, I feel like I’m required to have it BUT THAT’S THE PROBLEM. There are real people right in front of us and real experiences outweigh EVERYTHING you see on a device.

I went to Japan the other day and took a walk through a beautiful garden at the Narita Temple. Everyone who passed me had a device in their hand. Some were children not even looking up as they strolled by. Others were taking pictures and posing as if they were doing model photoshoots, I would assume for the gram (Trust me they weren't models). Memories are important, but it breaks my heart to see so many people attached to their mobile devices rather than experiencing their surroundings and interacting with the people they encounter. 

So, for the month of May, I’m doing a social media cleanse. All my apps will be deleted, except on Tuesday, I think (I’m still debating if I’ll post blog updates or just hope my amazing readers just my website weekly or subscribe to updates)... But while I’m gone, I challenge you to do the same! It doesn’t have to be a cold turkey cleanse like me cause that might be too extreme but start with monitoring how much time you spend and then try to cut it down gradually. If you look below there’s a picture w/ a 7-day challenge to slowly pull away! When is the last time you went to a museum to learn some history or stopped at a local happy hour mixer and made a new friend? You could even try reading a few pages of a new book when you wake up in the morning rather than scrolling down a time line……. Whatever you choose to do just be more conscious of how you’re spending your time. It’s valuable and you deserve to unplug more often than you do!