"I’m looking for my soulmate”…

“I’m working 4 jobs I hate, so I can go to Miami at the end of the summer and stunt in a club for 4 days!”…

What on earth is happening to this generation? Someone, please tell me what searching for your soulmate looks like! *Step away from Bumble, Tinder, and YES even the app your best friends, cousin’s, friend got engaged after joining*

PSA: The answer to your happiness is not in finding the “perfect” person to complete you. It’s not about being the richest person in the world and, it is definitely not about stunting in the club. ITS ABOUT FINDING YOURSELF. Loving Y-O-U so unconditionally that YOU are the only person that makes your life worth living. No person and no material item are more important.

Now, I’m not encouraging anyone to be homeless and live off the land, UNLESS that is going to make you the happiest you’ve ever been. I'm just worried we are spending so much time thinking of ways to make ourselves happy or buying stuff to make us happy yet most of the solutions we come up with only provide temporary feelings of joy.

Happiness is defined as: A state of mental or emotional well-being, which can be defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

What that says to me is that happiness is NOT a show we put on so others can validate us! The insta likes, the new shoes, or the space filler relationship is not going to buy you happiness. I had the pleasure of going on a life-changing trip to Miami. Of course, the palm trees, the beaches, and the slew of fine men on Ocean Ave never disappoint.

But boy oh boy did the universe test me! I watched strangers and people I care about: trying TOO hard to appear as something they aren’t. I also experienced the intensity of a mental breakdown from an outside perspective. I’ll spare you the gory details, but witnessing those things in Miami pushed me to be more introspective that weekend, which is realllllly hard when you’re drunk!

The important lesson I learned is that happiness comes from within. Another person cannot create that for you nor can an object fulfill you. I personally feel the most joy when I’m traveling to beautiful destinations and learning about new cultures or when I’m thinking of content to blog for all of you… Happiness for me is also the strength I feel when I experience self-growth. When you are in tune with yourself, everything begins to feel easy. You feel at peace, HAPPIER. Aren't you exhausted from all the dating and disappointment? Then stop trying so hard! Grab some donuts and go watch a sunrise on-top of a mountain. Do you feel overworked and never quite fulfilled the morning after you spend all your hard-earned cash in the club? Stop letting your friends drag you out! Save up and go on your own mini vacation for yourself. Trust me your liver will thank you later!

Think about how many times you have been unhappy and uncomfortable in a situation, but you continue to do it because “That’s what everyone on Instagram is doing and they look happy.” I’m sure you don't want to admit that out loud but deep down, you know it’s true. Just remember, you can ATTRACT genuine happiness as soon as you are willing to ALLOW it! Here’s a start: Consider why your happiness is always fleeting and where your ideas of happiness stem from. Are they yours or someone else’s idea of what happiness is?!

I must be candid with you. I have been struggling with my own happiness these last few weeks. I’ve been feeling unsure and incapable. What has separated me from wallowing in my misery and RE-inspired me to find my happiness is: YOU! I am so very grateful for those of you who reached out via Facebook and Instagram. You have no idea how much your interest in my blog and feedback helped push me through! This is a growing lesson for all of us, thank you for growing with me on this journey ❤ Good luck on finding your happiness!