Filling Your Own Cup

Filling your own cup. It sounds cliché and obvious, but it is incredibly easy to get caught up when you’re focused on paying bills and balancing life. These last few months turned out to be a roller coaster for me. I learned that I’m not scared to make drastic changes at the drop of a dime, I’m not scared to let people go that are no longer serving me and, most importantly I’m not scared to love wholly and fearlessly even when it’s not reciprocated (more to come on this in a later post).

However, the biggest lesson of them all: Self-Care. You will never be capable of becoming your best self if you don’t take time out of your day, week, or month for yourself. You’re all going to chuckle when I share my self-care ritual below…But over the last 6 months, I’ve noticed whenever I do this action it creates an environment for me to reflect…to recuperate…and revise my life. The fact that it’s so simple is what made it so easy to become a staple in my schedule!

Now before I tell you what my ritual is, I want to share a quick story:

A loss is the quickest way to determine how full or empty you really are. I stopped posting because I let my own doubts discourage me. I didn’t think anyone would even notice I was gone. I had gotten a little good feedback, so I knew people enjoyed my posts, but I felt as though my content was generic and that I wasn’t reaching enough people. We all know that when it rains it pours... San Francisco wasn’t working for me. The cost of living was astronomical for the average person and darn near impossible on a flight attendant budget (at least the lifestyle I enjoy).

Pair financial struggles with a horrible living environment (7 people in a 3 bedroom apartment makes for some interesting dynamics) and you end up mentally exhausted and slightly uncomfortable in your own home. Anywho, I say all this to tell you, I was feeling low and miserable yet again, IN A NEW ENVIRONMENT. Some days, I couldn’t get out of bed or I would sit around all day and watch Netflix, order food, then go back to bed. The friends I made were also not great for me. They were drinking all day/night and emotionally distraught because again SAN FRANCISCO living ain’t no hoe…. But regardless, it felt like I was back in Nebraska and I was miserable all over again.

What I realized next was the major key: I was the common denominator in these miserable situations. So, I made a split-second decision. I would be out of California by December 31st because I refused to sign another lease in a city I couldn’t afford. I put a transfer in with my company and the rest happened so fast! I barely had time to process before I was packing up and out of California. Within 6 weeks, I traded the west for the east coast to start over again!

 Now guys, seriously, don’t laugh at me… but my major self-care breakthrough is face masking. Those days I mentioned, where I wouldn't leave the house... if I made it out of bed, I usually ended up on the couch in a facemask. I would journal, write blogs or just sit there watching Netflix to be honest. I know what some of you are thinking, “that really is so simple." And it is but that’s the beauty of filling your own cup. Only you can know what you need! There’s something about the relaxation I felt during those times that enabled me to revise my goals… and that’s how I ended up back home in the DMV. This move isn’t the sign of defeat I always imagined it to be. Yes, I technically failed in San Francisco, but the lesson learned is so much more important. Sometimes giving up is the best option for yourself and your mental health. I’m still on the journey and anything can happen in the next year, but I do know I feel so confident that I am on the right track. Filling my own cup and living strictly for ME! And I truly hope you’ll spend the next few days, weeks, months figuring out how to fill your own cup.


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